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Book a Premier Private Party and bring unlimited kids for FREE!* In other words, we are waiving our fee for additional children on the Premier Party. Why stop at 20 kids? Invite the whole class AND the ball team!

*Offer ends and deposit must be received by 10/31/12. For safety purposes, total bouncers may not exceed 35.

Kids (And Parents) Night Out

    This is a 3 hour drop-your-kids-off event that includes pizza & drinks, movies & popcorn, and unlimited bouncing. FUN!

    Saturday, October 13

    $17.50 for the first child, $12.50 for siblings
    Space is limited. Reservations are required.
    PARENTS – You would pay more than this for a babysitter at home. We’re throwing in the FUN!!!

    Tricks, treats and bouncing too. Halloween Boo Bounce is here!
    For every kid who’s ever wished Halloween could last more than one day: Put on that costume and experience October’s tricks and treats as only BounceU can serve them up. It’s our annual Halloween Boo Bounce.

    Celebrate the spookiest season of the year in a safe, exciting environment that is perfect for kids of all ages. BounceU will provide the decorations, bouncing, games, and enough surprises to make sure it’s a real SCREAM!

    When: 3 Tuesdays in October (Oct 16, 23, and/or 30) 5-8pm
    Who: Kids any age and their parents
    Admission: $7.50 per bouncer and, as always, adults are FREE and encouraged to wear their costume & bounce

    Enter our costume contest to win fabulous prizes!


Party Favors

Here is a great idea that I found something similar on Pinterest and changed a little to use and it turned out great!  Champaign glasses filled with candy make a great way to eat candy while watching a movie and then can be refilled with popcorn for fun!!!  If I had found bigger (plastic) glasses than I would have put the cupcake on top, but the cupcake I made were too big for these glasses.  Maybe next time.

Chalk Board Wine Glasses

Yup. I saw it on Pinterest. I know your surprised. But this hobby of Pinning, has become a favorite of mine! Here’s something I found on Pinterest, but have taken my own little twist to it! Instead of using Chalkboard Spray Paint, I used the actual paint can! Follow directions below for your very own customizable wine glasses!

What you need!

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses Newspaper

Dip Wine Glass into can of Chalkboard Paint

Let the paint drip into the can. (No wasting here!)

Redunk a couple of times and let the paint drip & dry!

Prep your base (where you will write) by cover the area with chalk, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. (You can also see where I dunked a few times and the design it created along the stem!)

Check Out the Party Planning Ideas Page

Check out the Party Planning Ideas page on this blog.  I am working on adding ideas constantly to the page for this.  When you are having a kids party and looking for something to do, this is a good start in brainstorming some ideas on where to go.  These are suggestions that have been used, whether my kids have had a party there or gone to a party at one of these places.   I know there is more ideas out there and  I will add ones as I go and know more about them.

If you have any questions or comments, post away!!!  I would love to hear about your recommendations or past experiences at these places for any kind of party!  Or any new ideas are welcome!

Rental City Inflatable in Omaha

So we rented an inflatable from Rental City based in Omaha over last weekend.  I just got to say, we had a great experience!  No problems, everything was ready for us.  The inflatable was easy to set and taking back was simple.  Used a $20 off coupon, which I was told they regularly have one in the Spartan coupon magazine, that can be found at the Bakers locations.  Brought the total under $200 for an all day rental!  They also have lots of other options as well!

All in all, smooth process.  Rented it a month in advance, which I recommend, since they book up fast.  But it was a blast!  The kids really enjoyed it!