Back to school

Time to get ready for back to school! Start to prep one week early!

Before School Starts – Be sure your child is in good physical and mental health. Schedule doctor and dental checkups early and get their sports physicals scheduled now.

Mark Your Calendar – Double-check and schedule back to school nights on your calendar.

Re-Establish mealtime and bedtime routines – Do this at least one week before school starts, especially a breakfast routine.

Schools Supplies – Make a big deal about letting your kids pick out their school supplies and make it fun! Also purchase them early.

Emphasize the Fun Stuff – If your child is hesitant about starting school, make sure to not dwell on the homework and books. Instead, emphasize the fun things such as art classes, field trips and meeting new friends.


Oh how busy life can be!

Time to catch up!!! I had a little mini getaway right before Valentine’s Day to Las Vegas with the hubby. Then to come home to three Valentine’s Day parties, conferences and then actual Valentine’s Day, and days off from school for inservice. Now we are back to normal! At least for a little while.

In about a month we have spring break followed by spring sports starting and we go full press into that! But first to get through a snow storm this week!

It is rarely a dull moment in our house. However I have found time (more like snuck time) to read!

Oh and let’s not forget it is also time to plan for summer activities and vacations, like a girls trip to Mall of America that my oldest daughter is looking forward to!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!


My Heart is Breaking

My heart is breaking for the families in Connecticut!  For the mothers who took their kids to school and didn’t get to bring them back home tonight, I can’t begin to imagine how you feel!  I can only tell you that we are thinking of you and praying for you.

Today, I picked up my kids, asked them about their day and then took them all to see Santa.  After that I got them all Happy Meals at McDonald’s (which I rarely do because with 5 kids, its much cheaper to skip the meals and buy in bulk, especially off the dollar menu, but they love it). Then after dinner they got to eat their snowman peeps and then we proceeded to make cookies.  Also letting them partake more in the cookie making, which I don’t always do because they might make a huge mess or burn their hands on the pan.

But tonight they helped.  Yeah, a cup of sugar was spilled on the floor and one did burn his hand, ever so slightly, no tears, but they all helped and enjoyed every minute of it, except the burn, and the wedgie given by my 4-year-old to my 9-year-old!

Then they changed for bed, stayed up late watching TV.  All are asleep now and I am grateful for each and every one of them.  So, sometimes, be less frugal, spend that extra time and like everyone has said, hug them a little tighter today!!!

God Bless!!!  Goodnight!




Halloween & Upcoming Holidays

Halloween is just about a week away!!  If you haven’t carved your pumpkins, you have one week left to.  Tons of activities this weekend.  Check my past postings for some ideas!

Next up, Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas and activities!!!!  I love this time of year with all the holidays.  I keep so busy!!!  Probably like every other mom!

Just For Her Expo | Omaha’s Premiere Women’s Expo

Just For Her Expo | Omaha’s Premiere Women’s Expo.



The Just For Her Expo is coming to Omaha in 2012, just in time for the holidays! With three years of growth and success in Kansas City, we have decided to expand to other markets and we are excited to bring Omaha the country’s premiere women’s Expo.

The Just For Her Expo combines everything women want and need under one roof for 3 exciting days of shopping, pampering, fun, and learning everything they need to know, JUST FOR HER.

Plan to shop for your holiday list early with with local and out of state vendors. Pamper yourself with spa treatments and find vendors to help with your holiday needs and set your resolution goals for the following year!