Spring Signups

It’s the last week to sign up for some Elkhorn soccer, baseball and softball for anyone interested!!!

If only the weather would improve and fast!!!!

Spring Sports Signups

Can you believe it’s time to plan for Spring!!! Although I have Spring Fever and am so ready!!  I wanted to make you all aware of some of the possible options in the West Omaha/Elkhorn area.

Soccer – Soccer signups are mostly still available for all ages in rec soccer through Elkhorn Soccer, http://www.elkhornsoccer.org.  So if you are interested here, check it out ASAP because it starts March 28th for most.

Baseball – Baseball signups are active and go through March 1st for Elkhorn Baseball.



Girls On the Run – Check your local school to see if available and deadlines for registering.

Softball – Girls Softball signups are also active and go through February 28th for Elkhorn Softball. http://elkhorngirlssoftball.com/

This of course, are only a few of the options out there available to you.  Check with your local gyms, YMCA and Omaha Parks and Rec for more options!  There are so many ways to get kids involved these days!  Its not just playing outside anymore!  And I have personal experience with each one of the listed above activities and I can firmly say they have improved so much over the course of each year!

Elkhorn Youth Flag Football Sign Up for Fall Football!!! K-6th Grade

Elkhorn Youth Football.


Elkhorn Youth Football

2014 Season


Thank you for your interest in Elkhorn Youth Flag Football! We believe we can deliver a memorable experience for your child and your family right here in the Elkhorn community. We are looking forward to another great season of flag football this Fall!


Players from Kindergarten to 6th Grade will register here online for the Elkhorn Youth Flag Football season. Players must live within the Elkhorn Public Schools District boundaries to participate in our program. During the online registration process, each player will identify which Elkhorn public or parochial school they will attend next school year. If they live within the Elkhorn School District boundaries and attend a school outside of Elkhorn, then please note the Elkhorn Public School that is closest your home geographically. The cost to play is $75 per player, plus a game jersey of $20. The game jersey can be used in future seasons.


Once registered, teams in each grade level will be formed and finalized in early August. Teams will be comprised of between 8 and 10 players per roster with an 11 player maximum. We will allow pre-determined teams to play together and that team can include players from any school within the school district, as long as everyone on the roster is in the same grade. If a specific coach is requested, please note that during the registration process. Any player that registers and does not request a specific coach or team will be placed on a team with others from their school if possible. If we do not have enough players from one school to form a team, we then reserve the right to place players onto a roster of kids from another school to ensure that all players have a home and that everyone has a team. Teams can be comprised of all boys, all girls, or a mix of boys and girls and will all compete against one another equally.


Once teams and coaches are identified, we will begin practices in mid-August, with the first weekend of games kicking off in early September. Each team will play 6 regular season games, with the regular season concluding in mid-October. The top 2 teams from each grade will then compete for the league championship on Sunday – October 19th.


Sign ups end July 20th!