Considering Selling your Home? Some helpful hints!

Traditionally people think spring and early summer is the best time of year to sell a home. However, many sellers often need to list their home later in the summer or early fall.  Here are a few tips from some local “experts” from the area that may help you if you are selling or considering it in the upcoming weeks or months.

  • It’s really important to pay attention to your exterior and landscaping. Power wash exterior frequently to clean away cobwebs, dust and the occasional bird droppings. Remember this is the first impression as the potential buyer pulls into your drive.   Always keep the trash picked up and the clutter put away.
  • Focus on a welcoming entry – newly painted front door with new hardware.
  • One item I have noticed in showing homes is the lack of lighting. A brightly lit home shows much better than one with slow to warm up lighting. A home looks much cleaner and rooms look larger. This is especially important for fall.
  • Make sure that your bushes are well trimmed. They can grow quickly in the summer months. And trimmed landscape – like a nice hairdo – will ‘frame’ the house.
  • This time of year the vegetation tends to look tired and weary. An easy remedy – pull the plants that aren’t going to make it any further and replace with the fall color mums and hearty flowering plants that will bring life back to the curb appeal. Don’t be a dead listing with dead plants. Bring it to life with color!
  • Make your home feel extra cozy by filling your home with fall aromas, either with a candle that smells of cinnamon or baking a pumpkin pie right before a showing!
  • And once last thing to not forget for anytime of year, declutter!  Going into a new season is always a good time to rethink what you need, or what my have broke or kids grown out of.

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