Costco membership giveaway! Check out this Yogurt, my family loves it!!!

So we got this wonderful opportunity to try this yogurt, which is sold for $9.99 for a 12 pack at Costco from the lovely people associated with Muller Corner and Quaker.


My family loves it. They love that they mix in the fruit, chocolate or almonds into the yogurt and stir it up. The cost is great because it works out to be roughly $0.83 per yogurt which is pretty hard to beat. I being the one attempting to get my family to eat healthy love that it is a fun healthy option.



So the verdict is that all favors are good but the strawberry gets the highest remarks! We have tried them all and some like them all and some are selective.





Now on to the giveaway!!  Muller Quaker has given me the opportunity to not only sample this yogurt but to give away a one year gold membership to Costco!!   (

If you could be so kind to go like them on Facebook or check out their website!  Visit their website here and check them out on Facebook here. In order to win the giveaway, I need to know when Muller came to the US and where did they originate from!!  Just respond in the comments of this post with the information!! First come first serve with the correct answers.   I promise the answers are easy to find!



5 thoughts on “Costco membership giveaway! Check out this Yogurt, my family loves it!!!

  1. Great job everyone. All is correct. Unfortunately I only have one membership to give away courtesy of Muller and Kelli Sutter you were the first to respond with correct info. Kelli can you send me your address so I can make the arrangements. Thanks again everyone and thank you Muller for giving us this opportunity!!!

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