30 Things You need to Know About Omaha Before you move here!

1. The Guy In Line Behind You May Be One Of The World’s Richest

Move to Omaha

Source: Flickr user Aaron Friedman

Home to the former world’s richest man Warren Buffett and a slew of other multi-millionaires, Omaha has a high concentration of wealthy inhabitants. You’d never know it, as most of them are completely unassuming. Maybe some of their luck will rub off on you, eh?

2. Omahans Love Them Some Tasty Brews

Move to Omaha

Source: Infusion Brewing Company via Facebook

With a wealth of local breweries and establishments offering a wide array of craft beers, Omaha is a beer-lover’s paradise.

From Omaha Beer Week to Beer Fest, there are festivals throughout the year devoted to Omaha’s favorite beverage. It seems like a brewery pops up every month, so you’ll never run out of new places to get some good hops.

3. Omaha’s Music Scene Is Cooler Than Yours

Move to Omaha

Source: Rock Paper Dynamite via Facebook

With one of the best and most diverse music scenes in the country, it’s no wonder Omaha is on list after list of the top music cities in the United States. Catch a great local show at The Waiting Room, Slowdown, Barley Street Tavern or Venue 51. There’s a concert or open mic every night in this city.

4. And It’ll Rock Your Face Off At Maha

Move to Omaha

Source: Maha Music Festival via Facebook

The Maha Music Festival features a full day of rocking on two stages. From outstanding local acts to national independent artists, beautiful Stinson Park in the Aksarben area of the city is filled with people for this fest. Highlights of last year’s event include Flaming Lips, Matt & Kim and Bob Mould.

5. Grab A Bite To Eat With The Raccoons At The Alpine Inn

Move to Omaha

Source: Alpine Inn via Facebook

At the Alpine Inn you can enjoy some of the best fried chicken around in the comfortable divey atmosphere. The staff throws food scraps out for stray cats and raccoons to dine on (up close to plate glass windows), providing the quirkiest dinner show you’ll ever see.

6. Beercade Is The Perfect Place For Adult Arcade Junkies

Move to Omaha

Source: Beercade via Facebook

The grown-up playground of Beercade features all your favorite retro arcade games–yes, they have Galaga–along with an amazing selection of craft beers. It’s all the fun of being a kid, but with a full bar. Don’t forget your quarters!

7. You Can Thank Omaha For The TV Dinner

Move to Omaha

Source: Flickr user Daniel Oines

That’s right, this mid-century staple was invented right here in the heartland by C.A. Swanson and Sons in 1954. As housewives rejoiced, the family gathered around for Swanson’s finest frozen creations. Salisbury steak and whipped potatoes, anyone?

8. Everything Is 20 Minutes Away

Move to Omaha

Source: Flickr user John Philip Green

Ask a local how long it takes to get from any point A to any point B, and the answer will be 20 minutes. Kind of like when you order Chinese take-out and the wait time is always 10 minutes.

With easy interstate access and manageable traffic (even at rush hour), it’s quick and easy to get around the entire city.

9. Omaha’s Home To The College World Series

Move to Omaha

Source: Flickr user Bozell

Since 1950, people from around the U.S. have flocked to Omaha to participate in America’s favorite pastime.

Held at the brand new TD Ameritrade Park, downtown is rocking when the CWS is on. The beer tents outside the park are a favorite gathering place for locals during the championship.

10. Husker Football Is The State Religion

Move to Omaha

Source: Flickr user kippster

With no pro teams in the state, Nebraskans take Husker sports seriously–especially football. You’ll see a lot of red on game days, and don’t bother going into a sports bar if you don’t want to watch the game.

Fun fact: During games, Memorial Stadium becomes the third largest city in Nebraska, and every game has been sold out since 1962. They don’t call it the Cornhusker State for nothing.


Check out this website for the rest of the list!!  These are great!!

30 Things You Need To Know About Omaha Before You Move There


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