Keeping Children Organized!!!


I have a guest today!!  Levi from Monkey Bar Storage Solutions has some helping information about how to organize with children, which of course if you are on my blog, then you probably do!  One thing I know for sure is you have children, whether one to a dozen, you need to keep organized to keep sanity and not only that it teaches great habits for when they get older!!!


Organizing With Children



Levi Mackintosh

Content Manager, Monkey Bar Storage Solutions

Parents all around the world have experienced a messy room or play space left by the whirlwinds of children.  We love our children, and would do anything for them, but at times it can be a real headache cleaning up after them over, and over, and over again. However, with a little bit of patience, and the right tools, you can help your children learn and understand the important principles of organization. Children’s minds are rapidly growing, and the common analogy “minds like sponges,” is incredibly true. The following tips and ideas are designed to help your children learn and understand the importance of personal organization, with a fun and non-threatening structure.


Make it a game

If you are new to parenting, you will soon find that creating a fun and playful atmosphere will get children to do most anything. “I’ll time you,” or “See who can clean up the fastest,” are ways to make organizing and cleaning fun and desirable.


Provide Incentives

Offering a prize or rewards for hard work is extremely important. If children do not have incentives to do something, they are likely not to continue that practice. If an incentive is suggested, always follow through with it. Children do not forget rewards, and if not granted, the principles and actions you are trying to teach will go out the window.


Give Them Ownership

When letting a child chose where they want certain items to go, you are giving them ownership and responsibility for those items and their proper place. If the child chooses where they want the blocks to go, they are more likely to put the blocks where they have chosen, rather than when you chose to put them.


Help Them Understand Why

Little lessons along the way will help your children understand why you are doing this. They may not take it all in, and even if bits of information is learned, you are helping them learn valuable lessons that will be carried into the future.  Understanding that any bit helps, is an important aspect you as a parent need to understand. Baby steps are just as important as large ones.



Implementing these tips and ideas will only be instilled in your child if they are done on a regular basis.  Your child will most likely not act on these practices if you as a parent do not continually work with them. Make it a routine, and always make it fun!


Teaching your children will always be your responsibility. If they are not learning these practices at home, they will be learning other ones elsewhere. Be in control of what your children are learning by consistent practice and showing care. Organizing with children is a great step in not only teaching organization skills, but ownership, responsibility, and giving them pride in their accomplishments.

block toys

Visit Monkey Bar Storage Solutions, or our Corporate Blog for more organizational tips and ideas.

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