Halloween Safety

It’s almost time for Halloween!  Now is the time to get the kids ready and talk to them about Halloween safety.  It’s also a good idea to consider how our four-legged friends feel!


A Halloween Safety Guide has been provided by Halloween-Safety.com.  This website has safety tips for everything from costumes to pets to “yard haunts.”  Here are a few tips we thought we would share:

  • Safety Tips for Kids:  These      are very “common sense” tips such as do not go in a stranger’s      house, make sure a parent goes trick-or-treating with you and be careful      when you cross the street.
  • Safety Tips for Pets:  A      continuous ringing doorbell may scare some pets.  Also, as fun as      dressing them up may be it can also cause stress on your pet if they are      scared.  And always remember that chocolate is poisonous to pets!
  • Safety for Trick-or-Treating:  If your kids are older and going out with a group of      friends, remind them to wait to eat the candy until a parent has inspected      it.  Also, know the route your kids will take and set a curfew for      them.

If you would like to read all the safety tips for Halloween, please visit Halloween-Safety.com.

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