Halloween & Upcoming Holidays

Halloween is just about a week away!!  If you haven’t carved your pumpkins, you have one week left to.  Tons of activities this weekend.  Check my past postings for some ideas!

Next up, Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas and activities!!!!  I love this time of year with all the holidays.  I keep so busy!!!  Probably like every other mom!

4 thoughts on “Halloween & Upcoming Holidays

  1. Hey.. Sorry I’ve been out of the loop the last couple weeks. I am starting work on the two pieces you suggested for the art contest this week. I will have both of them finished before the holiday season. Do you have specific sizes for each subject you mentioned? I have the idea in my head I just need to know what size you are thinking about or if there is a particular team/color scheme for the sports subject (or player number etc) Also, when they are both finished, I will be posting them as part of my portfolio for the studio but not for sale. I will ship them to you together. (I will get your addy from you at that point.) Thanks for your patience. It is truly appreciated. ~Beth

    1. Hey there!! I have been very busy too, no rush. For sports color, two teams come to mind… Notre Dame and Nebraska! My husband and my sons favorites. It’s totally up to you for sizes and everything!!’ 🙂

      1. Awesome. Actually I was thinking football anyway but that actually works out. I did post one of 2 winter ideas I got from your submission and I am working on the sports one now. I do appreciate your patience as I have been sick and not able to really focus on my projects as much over the last couple weeks. But I’m hoping to have the second one finished by the end of next week and then the third the week after. I will post those and leave you a message and we can discuss shipping and all that. 🙂
        Happy Halloween!!

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