What a Day!!!

Okay so the past 24 hours have been rough but are all good now. Two of beloved dogs got out last night. We found out today that we had a loose picket on our fence and they found it and snuck out!

We found out that they were gone at about 9:30 pm and figured they had been gone for about 15 minutes. My adoring husband spent all night into the morning hours looking for them. He found one at about 3am, brought her home and went back out for the other. While he was out I was home with the kids who were sleeping until two had woke up around 3am. He didn’t come home till 6am.

We had both been out looking throughout the day looking for the other dog. We didn’t find him, but the NE Humane Society found him this afternoon. So glad he was okay and safe. I went down there and picked him up. He was so happy to be going home.

I bring all this up because I was so happy with the NE Humane Society in all their help and kindness. First of all their website has a list of lost cats and dogs to look though and is updated every 30 minutes! They also have a list of homeowners that have found dogs and are taking care if them until their owners can be found. So if you ever lose an animal go online right away to fill out a report and/or start looking. If you find a stray, snap a picture and upload it to their website to help find their owner.

One last thing about the NE Humane Society, their dispatchers were so nice and helpful when I was calling at about 11pm. I was upset and they were doing everything they could to help and make me feel better.

So overall, it was rough but so glad all my family is back home tonight! A big THANK YOU to the NE Humane Society in all that they do!

Here is a picture of Jack after being picked up from the NE Humane Society.


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