Check out this cool bat tree!!!! She has a ton of great ideas on home decor and design!!!

Happy October!

Since it is officially October, I feel it is now ok to allow my kids to start doing Halloween crafts and decorating. To be honest, I really hate all the gore that comes with this holiday. We keep it wholesome on the home-front and don’t get into the scary stuff.

Day 10

So, glitter bats and Casper ghosts are about as spooky as we get in these parts.


Branches or fake tree stripped of leaves and painted.

Orange light strand

6 sheets of black glitter foam sheets

Black ribbon

Hole punch


Bat template

This is a super easy craft you can do with your kids that can handle scissors. My oldest helped me cut the bat templates  after I traced them. I made my own bat template out of cardstock, but they have them at every craft store if you don’t want to make your own.

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