First Day of School for Elkhorn!

Well, I dropped the kids off at school. 4th grade and 2nd grade for me this year. Preschool in a few weeks too! Great morning thus far. Started off making the kids muffins for breakfast and will be making their snack in a little bit here! Everybody early and left on time. No drama at drop off, all is well. Morning chores already done and on to the next.

I love routines, so this is great for me. I know the kids were ready for school too. When they are sick of the Wii, and the games, and the TV, they must be ready. I know they were excited to see their friends. The younger kids are glad to have full run of the house. Little kids already say they miss the big kids!

I am excited for the next few months. The weather is wonderful, some days cooler and others hotter! I love this time of year!!! Busy, but so fun!! Next up Halloween!! Another favorite time for our family. Hopefully this years all the pumpkin guts stay on the table and don’t end in the “food fight” that was last Halloween! So much fun though, even if I was the one cleaning up the mess!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!


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