Back to School Soon

Less than 2 weeks until Elkhorn Schools starts.  I am one for routine, so I can’t wait.  Sales are everywhere.  HyVee has some good sales.  If you purchase 3 select products you can get a free backpack.   Target and I believe Toys R Us are offering free lunch boxes with the purchase of a book bag.  Office Depot has some really cheap basics.  I think the pocket folders were like a penny!  So if you were only going for the sale items, it would be worth it.  However I still think that either Target or Wal-Mart give you the best overall good sales.  Without book bags, I spent less than $15 per child.

With that being said, get your back to school supplies ready, pick out some new clothes, new shoes and away they go!!!!  I am in the process of looking for good shoe sales now.  Particularly my oldest son needs about two more pair.  He has literally ran through his shoes!

Happy Back to School Shopping to all of you!!! Just FYI, but after this comes Halloween Costume Shopping, which I am already getting emails about!

school supplies

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