Homemade and Homegrown Salsa

So when I make salsa I do not follow any recipe. I just start chopping tomatoes, various kinds of peppers, green onions and I might even finely chop in some lettuce! Add some spices for more flavor, I use Italian mixes sometimes. Sometimes I add more red pepper or tabasco sauce for more kick. Squirt a little lemon juice and mix it all up.

I put it on everything! Mix it with cheese and chicken and put in a tortilla or put it just plain or with some cheese on an English muffin. But my favorite way is using it as a dip with my wheat thins! The problem is, it doesn’t last long! One of my kids love it too and he can handle the heat and eats it up as fast as I do. So it is a good thing I grow all the vegetables in the garden!! All we do is keep looking for more tomatoes!!



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