Summer Fun Still Happening!

Just wanted to put a quick update out there.  So with only four weeks left of summer for us, we are going through our check list of what we wanted to do this summer.  I can’t believe how fast it as gone.  In the past ten years, this is by far, the fastest it has ever gone!

We still have more things to do and then next two weeks will be plenty busy.  I am working on planning the camping trip for the family.  Still not sure where to camp and when I say camp, I mean camp with a tent!  The girls won’t be going, but my husband and I are taking the 3 boys.  All they can talk about is how we are going to go fishing, cook hot dogs and smores.  I am not sure if they are even planning on sleeping! They are more concerned about the food!

Then we have more swimming, Adventureland, more zoo trips and maybe some more bowling!  Not to mention, I need to plan more playdates and sleepovers!  I love summer but I am also excited for back to school!  Not just for the kids, but for the start of fall which includes soccer, football, dance and whatever else they end up in!  Jr Cheer camp too, I think for the oldest daughter!

Well, here is to the rest of summer, may it be the best part of summer yet!!

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