Can you dig it? A Prehistoric Playground in your own Backyard!

What a fun idea to do with your child and a little science in your own backyard!!!  Your child like to dig?  What about bones?  Dinosaur bones or chicken bones? Try this idea out for some digging fun!!!


Materials Needed:

4 Cups Flour                 2 Cups Water

Paintbrush                    Squirt Bottle

Toothpicks                    Ruler

Hammer                        Nail

Chicken Bones              Small Plastic items

Paper and Pencil


Step 1: Dig a shallow hole in your backyard and place a few chicken bones or small plastic items in it.

Step 2: Create plaster by combining the flour and water.  Mix thoroughly.

Step 3: Pour your plaster into the howl and set the remaining bones and plastic items into the mixture.

Step 4: After it appears the plaster has hardened, excavate the “fossils” within!


Credit to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo for this prehistoric playground idea!!  Check out for more info!




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