What’s your me time?

The summer has begun for us, and every mom needs me time.  What’s yours?  Mine is gardening, which is funny, because the kids like to help.  But I find myself watering during nap time or even at night, just to do something by myself.  I will even pull weeds outside during nap or later when the kids are busy, just to get away.  I don’t really have a green thumb, but there is something about taking care of a garden or pulling weeds or even mowing the lawn that calms me.  It used to be vacuuming the house, but now I retreat outside.  In the winter, I actually enjoy shoveling the driveway, just not when it is below freezing out!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the help from the kids with these activities, but sometimes I like to do it by myself as my little getaway!

What do you do?  What activity around the home do you do to get your me time in?  If you don’t have one, you really should get one!  It doesn’t have to cost anything and doesn’t have to be much!   Just something that calms you!

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