My Favorite Laundry Stain Remover

Tide Stain Release Boost is my new favorite stain remover for my laundry. I wash so many loads of laundry a week and I don’t catch every stain. This product is as easy as tossing in the stain pac when you throw in all your clothes. Such a time saver and it gets out my stains. I have tried it on my baby stains as well the kid stuf. Formula to green beans to sweet potatoes and other baby food stains to grass stains and marker!  No scrubbing, nothing, just toss it all in! It even got out some old stains that were completely set in and washed several times over! Some old stains are just too set in to get out, but this is by far my favorite stain remover for clothes!!!  I use it all the time and LOVE IT!

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